07/02 -06 A still from “The Haunting of Harrington House” with a dedication and Dominique’s signature has been added. Thanks to Jeff for contributing this great autograph!                                                                                                                                                             

02/14 -06 Several new pictures have been uploaded to “Dominique’s Photo Album” and to “Movie Stills, On Stage & Behind the Scenes” (the former “Movie Stills & Behind the Scenes”) gallery. Also, several new videoclips with scenes from TV series have been added; enjoy! The new clips are made with DivX - codec. If you have problems to watch them properly, please insure that you have the drivers to play them; I’ll add download-links for the correct drivers soon. Additionally, some graphics were edited/changed and some new information was added.                                                                                                                                             

02/24 -05 The site has a new frontpage, some graphics and layout details have been changed. New galleries were created and new pics have been added, especially to the new “TV series, shows and miniseries” gallery (Thanks to a special member of the DD Discussion group for additional screenshots!). The “Various” gallery was renamed into “Dominique’s Photo Album”.                                                                                                                

01/02 -05 You can find a new picture gallery, “Movie Stills & Behind the Scenes Pics”, and some new pics have been added.                                                                                                                                                                 

04/01 -04 A few details in the site graphics and page layout have been added/changed, and a new feature has been added to the site gallery: A reply to fan mail, handwritten by Dominique. Paul, thank you very much for this wonderful letter from Dominique!                                                                                                                

03/02 -03 A new picture gallery has been added, “In Memory of...”. It contains several pics and some trivia about. Thanks to Leigh for contributing the beautiful photo of Dominique’s grave. Additionally, several new pics have been added to the “Various Pics”- Gallery and a few details have been changed in the layout of some site pages.    

07/29 -02   Some details have been added / changed in Dominique’s bio and filmography.

04/14 -02   The English version of DDDIS goes online. Thanks to all “beta-testers” for their help !